Dog Training

Building a Bond

At the Coconino Humane Association we want to help you start life with your new dog or puppy by making it as easy as possible.

We will use positive reinforcement to ensure you are building a positive, healthy relationship with your new furry friend.

These classes are not just about training your dog or puppy, it is about giving you the tools to help your new friend adjust to his or her new life with you as well.


Along with training comes food:

Diets can directly and indirectly affect your dogs behavior.  In our classes you will also learn about proper diets and what may be best to feed your pet.  We will be going over the basics of how food effects behavior and what your dog should not be eating. 


Puppy Socialization Class – $5.00 per session

(Group play for puppies between  4 – 6 months of age) Puppy Socialization Classes are held on the weekends.  Watch our social media for updates, times, and dates or call the shelter at 928-526-1076 to register.

Puppy Individual Class – $100.00

(Puppies two months-six months of age) This four-week beginning/ intermediate class caters to the needs of the owner and the puppy.

Adult Behavior Modification/Training classes – $200.00

This 6 week program includes a private consultation and will help address issues with dog behavior as well as assisting dogs who have not had much guidance learn new skills.  With this class, your dog will obtain the tools it needs to help it succeed within your household.

* Puppies must have at least three DAPP vaccines on record, one week prior to coming to their first group class. Puppies who are have not had three DAPP vaccines can only participate in the individual puppy classes.

*All dogs must have proof of current vaccines, including DAPP and Rabies as required by law.