Adoption Fees

Puppies – $265
Adults (6 months +) – $215
Seniors/Special Needs – $0 – $75

Kittens – $175
Adults (6 months+) – $135
Seniors/Special Needs – $0-$50

What Am I Paying For?

  • Veterinary exam
  • Core and required Vaccinations (Parvo, distemper, rabies)
  • Deworming treatment
  • Flea/tick treatment
  • Spay/neuter procedure
  • Microchip implant/registration

Why Are Kitten and Puppy Adoptions More Expensive?

These are highly desirable pets who will easily find a new home and family. Their higher fees help with costs required for senior pets and other animals with life-long medical needs.

As an animal shelter, we are able to negotiate lower rates for these services because of the high volume of animals we serve. While it may seem expensive up front, it’s actually much less expensive than what it would cost to complete these treatments on your own as an individual.